Reliably Local in 'Furniture Lighting Decor' Interviewing Our Own Kirsten Recce
Page 1 - RELIABLY LOCAL Is coronavirus amplifying the advantages of American-made?  BY DIANE FALVEY


Is coronavirus amplifying the advantages of American-made?

…Out on the West Coast, for Encinitas, CA’s Black Whale Home, supply chain issues have only recently started to have an impact, says owner Kirsten Recce. The lighting-retailer-turned-whole-home-showroom began expanding her 7,500-square-foot space into furniture and decor just before coronavirus hit, she says. “Many of our lighting manufacturers who order in from China had been well-stocked,” she said, but in the last month or so, that seems to be changing. “We’ve been told they anticipate this will continue for another six weeks or so.” The issue goes beyond getting product across the ocean, she adds. Getting the products processed once here has presented challenges as well, on docks and in warehouses, where there has been limited personnel.…

While that same issue has affected some domestic manufacturing, particularly in light of earlier shutdowns, they’ve been able to come back online more quickly.

“We are seeing a swing back to Made in the U.S.,” Recce continues. “It’s not as much about getting the product faster, necessarily, but more about clarity as to when the product will arrive. When something is coming in from China, I don’t have an arrival date until it’s on the water, and even then it can change.” With her suppliers who have manufacturing capabilities here, she has a reliable delivery date.…

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