Varaluz Offers A Huge Selection of Lighting Fixtures, Ceiling Fans and Mirrors to Complete the Look of Any Room

Varaluz offers many styles to include mid century modern, crystal accents, bathroom and decorative mirrors. Their huge variety of products include chandeliers of all sizes, sconces, vanity lights, and custom options too.

Products Stocked & Ship from the USA

Varaluz product inventory availability is excellent, with a vast number of styles stocked year-round in the USA. Veraluz lighting ships quickly from their warehouses in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hand-made Designs Include Reclaimed Materials

There's a great deal of waste in the world, and Varaluz is doing their part to change that.

Reclaimed steel and glass veraluz lighting fixture with metal screen

Looking for a ceiling fan that'll help cool the world while it cools your room?

Varaluz lighting fixtures are handcrafted by their manufacturing team in the Philippines, using mostly eco-friendly reclaimed materials and packaging including recycled bottle glass, recycled steel, and most recently, pallet wood.

The results: Varaluz lights feature stunning shell fixtures and collections they create take hundreds of hours to form, with the mosaics and inlay applied by hand one piece at a time.

Made by Hand

Upcycling design produces some fantastic results that elevate style with unique glass and metal creations which would be subject to becoming landfill. Varaluz lighting fixtures team converts environmentally friendly materials, like glass and steel, into fixtures the old-fashioned way, by hand into beautiful lighting and mirrors for your home.

Global Conservation Through Lighting Innovation

From recycled bottle glass light shades to lighting fixtures made of recycled steel, Varaluz is seeking out new methods of continually developing ways of incorporating the use of formerly unwanted items that are not only better for the planet, but perfect for you home. Purchase Varaluz lights and decor for any room in your home to accentuate your design style with their beautiful lights, mirrors and ceiling fans. All of which include a number of recycled, reclaimed, natural, and sustainable source materials into beautiful lighting fixtures and decor.

Modern style Varaluz kitchen lighting

Purchase Varaluz Elegance in Lighting and Ceiling Fans that Match Your Style

Varaluz may not be what you's expect from a lighting company, and that's the way they like it. They create unique handcrafted and eco-friendly light fixtures that are built to last.

Visit the Black Whale Home showroom to see for yourself, or shop for hand made Varaluz Lighting for your home on our website along with the many other brands we offer online. Most items are available to order, and their prices and availability are listed on each product page.