Kitchens needs several layers of light if possible for best functionality and task, such as hood light above the stove, undercabinet lighting that double as task lighting and night lights, LED recessed lighting for general lighting, and decorative fixtures over island or sink area for an architectural element. There are many style variations you can use to make your kitchen unique - consider large pendant lights hung in pairs or linear fixtures to create a statement over the island. Recessed lighting should be placed on the edge of counter tops for preparing food or opening drawers; not directly over the center of each aisle in the room. Finishes are important here - keep with one general style for faucets and drawer pulls so that everything matches. You can mix metals with light fixtures and accessories; just make sure it's done at least two places so it looks intentional! Also, consider cleaning needs when selecting glass finishes or pendant lights near possible grease sources. Finally, remember to use LED bulbs or light fixtures so there is minimal bulb changing out needs - these fixtures get turned on and off frequently so how often do you want to go up on a ladder? Kitchen lighting has become increasingly more important -- invest more time than usual choosing wisely!