Where Does Rebecca Robeson Shop?

Rebecca Robeson

Chooses Black Whale Home for Lighting Fixtures

Rebecca Robeson, owner of Robeson Design, is a renowned interior designer with years of experience known around the world through her YouTube channel and her "Design Sessions" subscription program. Rebecca has chosen San Diego County showroom Black Whale Home as lighting supplier for all of her projects since 2003. Rebecca trusts Black Whale Home because of the quality and variety of the lighting fixtures that they offer.

Rebecca Robeson and Kirsten Recce
Rebecca Robeson

Working With Rebecca

"I walked into Black Whale Lighting early in 2003. That day I met the owner, Kirsten Recce. I explained my business, how my process worked and my deadline expectations. I let her know, if I chose to work with her and she failed to meet an install deadline, she’d never see me again." - Rebecca Robeson, Robeson Design

✔️ Rebecca & Kirsten have been fast friends and industry partners ever since.

Rebecca Robeson Loves Lighting

Rebecca has a lot of opinions about lighting. What better way to share them than to partner with to feature lighting available on the Black Whale Home website which she is excited about.

Have Questions About Rebecca Robeson's Lighting?

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